Air Bag Manufacturer Issues Yet Another Recall in U.S.

Personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis have seen more than their fair share of car accident cases. Some of these cases actually involved injuries caused by defective vehicles, not the accident itself. One of the more recent issues they’ve seen with defective vehicles involves airbag inflators.

This week, reports came out that Takata, a manufacturer of airbags, has recalled even more cars in the U.S. The most recent automaker to be added to the list is BMW. Some of the other companies that have been affected by the recall include:

  • Honda
  • GMC
  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Cadillac

SO far, more than 357,000 cars in the U.S. have been recalled due to this safety issue. Basically, Takata used ammonium nitrate to inflate their airbags. It’s a substance that, when heated up, will cause a mini-explosion. This is what actually causes the airbag to inflate.

What the company didn’t know is that this substance breaks down and deteriorates over time. This causes the explosion to happen faster and stronger. As a result, pieces of shrapnel escape from the airbag on deployment. This can cause serious injuries to drivers. Not only do they get injured by the shrapnel, but they can also get burned.

The problem is that Takata filed bankruptcy back in 2015. This is the last issue they agreed to fix before their bankruptcy is complete. For people injured by these defective airbags, this poses a problem. There may not be enough money to cover all of the damages. Already, people all over the world have been injured by these defective airbag inflators.

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