Who Is at Fault in a T-Bone Crash in Indianapolis?

Car accidents are a horrific event in anyone’s life. They have the potential to alter the way we live. To top it all off, a T-bone or broadside accident can cause serious injuries that can hinder the victim’s ability to lead a normal and pain-free life. A T-bone accident always occurs at very high speeds which means more serious injuries and damages. You will need an experienced Indianapolis car accident attorney to file your personal injury claim and help you get due compensation for your loss. 

How Does a T-Bone Accident Occur?

The most common cause of a T-bone accident is one driver violating the other driver’s right of way. This can include ignoring a stop sign,  running a red light, or turning wrongfully at an intersection. We may think that the driver colliding into the side of the other vehicle is always at fault but that is not the case. Each case is unique and that is why having an Indianapolis car accident lawyer can be in your favor. 

In some cases, there can be more than one person responsible. There are cases where the street light can give both drivers the go-ahead to drive at an intersection and in this case, the Indiana Department of Transportation is held liable for the accident. 

What Kind of Injuries Can be Caused by a T-Bone Accident? 

Typically, cars are designed to absorb impact from front and back car crashes. These areas have enough amount of cushioning and safety features to stop the direct impact. When it comes to a T-bone accident, the vehicle collides with the side door of the other vehicle and that means direct impact because a side door offers no protection against an impact. The injuries sustained by a T-bone accident can be very severe and cause long-term damage.

Here are some common injuries caused by a T-bone accident: 

  • Broken bones 
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Whiplash 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Neck injuries 
  • Paralysis 
  • Burns 

These injuries can cause loss of work and wages and the victim has every right to claim these from the at-fault driver. An Indianapolis car accident lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim and get compensation for your physical, mental, and emotional losses. 

How Is Fault Determined in a T-Bone Accident?

It is vital that you have a conversation with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney

If you’ve been in a T-bone collision. Getting compensation for your loss in the accident will depend on your claim and proving the other driver is at fault. You and your lawyer will need evidence to prove that the other driver is at fault. Following are the types of evidence that your attorney can help you collect: 

  • Official police report 
  • Accident scene photos 
  • Video surveillance from nearby commercial areas
  • Statements from the witnesses
  • Expert testimonies from your doctors, officers, financial planners and etc

In case that you were also partly at fault in the accident, you can still get compensation if your fault is determined at less than 51%. Your compensation will be adjusted against the percentage of the fault. Make sure you have an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer by your side so you are not wrongly blamed. 

What Should You Do After a T-bone Accident?

The actions you take after an accident can make or break your claim. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind right after the accident: 

  1. Seek medical help for your injuries immediately. Make sure the doctor documents the extent of your injury. This will help your personal injury attorney in claiming compensation later. 
  2. Contact 911 and have the reporting officer prepare an official report of the incident. 
  3. Make sure you take pictures of the scene and the condition of both vehicles
  4. Do not talk to an insurance officer alone and take insurance information from the other driver. 
  5. Get witness statements and videos if possible.
  6. Get contact and driver’s license information from the other driver. 

Contact an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

Recovery from a car accident is a tough time for any victim. During this time, you should only focus on your recovery. You should let an experienced personal injury attorney take care of your legal needs. Rowe and Hamilton is a law firm experienced with handling t-bone accident claims in Indianapolis. 

Our Indianapolis car accident lawyer will spend time understanding your case, collect the necessary information, and win the case on your behalf. We believe in getting the best possible compensation for our clients. We deal with the tactics of the insurance companies on our client’s behalf and give them ample time to recover. 

Call an experienced car accident lawyer today and get fair compensation for your losses. 

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