What You Need to Know if a Car Accident Was Caused Because of Malfunctioning Traffic Lights

Road safety mainly depends on traffic lights and signage. This is how drivers get navigation and there’s order on roads and intersections. 

However, if a traffic signal is malfunctioning, it can easily cause chaos in the traffic.

If you were involved in a car accident that occurred because of malfunctioning traffic lights, it can be quite a challenge to determine who was at fault. In such cases, drivers can easily get confused and things can go downhill. 

Although the liability may be at the driver or pedestrian who was navigating the street or road, the fault can be sought at the government entity such as city, county, or state. 

https://roweandhamilton.com/auto-accident-lawyer-indianapolis-in/https://roweandhamilton.com/auto-accident-lawyer-indianapolis-in/If you had such a case recently and believe it’s going to be a challenge to sort things out, seek help from an Indiana car accident lawyer. 

What Causes Traffic Lights to Malfunction

There can be many reasons why a traffic light is not functioning properly. Traffic light malfunctioning can lead to car accidents that can even end fatally. In most cases, the problem with malfunctioning is the bad weather such as strong wind, rain, or snow that can damage circuits. 

Sometimes the traffic light malfunction can be because of improper installment, or because of irregular maintenance. The malfunctioning can be in the form of the traffic light showing only one light such as yellow or green. This can confuse drivers into believing they should go forward, even though they should stop. 

Another malfunctioning can be in the form of short green light so pedestrians have no time to cross the street. This can be an issue with careless drivers who will step on the gas pedal when it’s their right to go, which can easily lead to hitting the pedestrian. 

In such cases, it’s easy to say that the traffic lights contributed to the said accident.

Who is at Fault for Accidents Caused by Malfunctioning Traffic Lights?

Now the challenging part; who is to blame? There are various options; it is either city’s, county’s or municipality’s responsibility to keep roads safe.

However, it should be clear in which cases the city, county or municipality has the responsibility

Trying to guess whose fault it was can be time-consuming and confusing. You alone probably won’t have those answers which are why should seek your claim with the help of a skilled car accident attorney. 

What to Do If Your Accident Occurred Because of Malfunctioning Traffic Lights?

If it was clear that an accident was caused by a malfunctioning traffic light, you can seek a compensation claim from a government entity, but also the county or municipality. You can seek from all three at the same time, but it’s best to do it after you consult with a car accident attorney. 

Trying to get a settlement from a government entity may be hard, and trying to do it by yourself may result in no settlement at all.

Be sure to get medical help even if you have no visible injuries. Your attorney will gather the evidence, contact potential witnesses, get the police report, and will help you file the claim. Many people often accept the first offer they get from the insurance company. There isn’t a rule you should do this. If the settlement is low and can’t cover your medical expenses, lost wages, damages, pain, and suffering, you shouldn’t just accept the first offer. You should negotiate, even though you fear that you might not get a higher offer.

Hire an Attorney 

This is when your attorney will help you. They will advise you to seek a higher amount for your claim, which in most cases will be reduced to a lower amount (which might be satisfying). Let your attorney review your case and calculate the economical and non-economical damages. This way you can easily know what to expect. 

Insurance companies aren’t very fond of paying high settlements, but you shouldn’t give up on getting what you deserve. In case you can’t get a settlement, you can end up in court where the jury will have the final word.

If you were recently in an accident that happened because of faulty traffic lights, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Such cases require a skilled and experienced attorney who will know how to guide you.Our team at Rowe and Hamilton is here to offer you a free consultation and legal assistance. Contact our office today.

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