Car Accidents: Can I Seek Compensation for Headaches After a Car Wreck in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Having represented a high number of cases involving car accidents, we here at Rowe and Hamilton can attest: one of the most common complaints is headaches after a car accident.  They can come on immediately following an accident, or take days and even weeks for symptoms to present themselves.

Headaches can be easy to overlook, as headaches come about subtly for so many people in the midst of day-to-day activities. Some post-accident headaches can be on the mild side and hard to pinpoint as the result of a car accident. Others can be downright debilitating and clearly car accident related. Having headaches after a car accident in Indianapolis, Indiana can also be a sign of a serious issue, like an internal injury. Or if not of not a physical injury, it could be a stress-related injury that causes physical pain and discomfort in the form of a headache.

There are several causes of headaches that stem directly from car accidents, which include hypertension, fracture, concussion and whiplash. The latter is one of the most common causes of car accident related headaches.

Many injuries like this are seen in car accidents that involve one vehicle rear-ending another vehicle. However, no matter how a car accident happens, headaches are a common problem that come into play and no matter the circumstances of the wreck.

There are many other common head injuries that happen as a direct result of car accidents and negligent drivers. Whether your headache pain is subtle and sporadic or debilitating with extreme discomfort, car accident victims should be prepared to take action. If you notice headaches after a car accident, follow these simple steps.

Seek Treatment for Car Accidents Injuries, Including Headaches

Get to the doctor ASAP.  If the headaches are debilitating, head to the emergency room.  If not, simply schedule a “sick” appointment with your doctor in the next few days, as this type of appointment will get you in sooner than if you’re coming in for a standard check-up. That can take weeks – or even months, so make sure you’re clear about your timing preferences.  

Document and Describe  

Keep a pen and paper handy or use your phone to document all the details of your headaches and fill in the blanks as if it were spreadsheet or graph. For each headache, be sure to note:

  • The pain level on a scale from 1-10: One being minor, 10 being major.
  • The symptoms you’re experiencing: This will help determine a diagnosis for your headaches.
  • How long the headache lasts: List anything from one minute to specific hours. The more detailed, the better.  
  • The medication used to treat the headache: Are you using an over the counter medication, like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil) or something more substantial to treat the pain?  Name the medication specifically and your dosage.
  • If the medication is successful in treating the pain: Which medication works best in treating your symptoms and how often does it take for the medication to take effect?    

Have Your Records Handy

As you take the steps above, be sure not to lose any of your documentation. Police records, medical records and the personal notes from your journal will all positively support your case.

There are other important details when it comes to keeping thorough records that pertain to your car accident injuries. This is especially important when it comes to proving your injuries are the direct result of a car accident.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Accident

It may seem like a simple case to you, but just because you know your headaches stemmed from your car accident, doesn’t mean everyone else involved in your case will. This makes it all the more important for you to make sure you keep proper records with up to date information about your injury.

Get Proper Representation from an Experienced Attorney

Car accident lawyers can negotiate with insurance agencies who aren’t willing to cooperate with you and compensate claims. Remember, you are the victim.  It isn’t fair for you to pay with your own health or finances for another driver’s mistakes.

committed Indianapolis, Indiana car accident lawyer can work to ensure that your case is given a more favorable settlement outcome and help you to prove that your headaches are the direct result of your car accident. Rowe & Hamilton will support you with a free consultation in Indiana, Indianapolis, so reach out to us to schedule your appointment.

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