Commercial Truck Accidents and Paralysis

A recent truck accident on southbound interstate 69 outside of Huntington, which involved two semi-trucks and five cars had the highway shut down for several hours before road crews could get it cleared again.  A southbound driver lost control of his vehicle, possibly due to inclement weather conditions, and crossed the median into oncoming traffic, where it struck a tractor trailer. The driver of the commercial vehicle, in turn, lost control and slid across the median himself, entering the southbound lane and causing a chain-reaction collision that involved another semi-truck and several cars. Thankfully only minor injuries were reported in the crash. Law enforcement sources report that the accident is thought to have been caused by the slick roadways combined with excessive speed.

Large Truck Wreck Injuries

While in this incident none of the people involved were seriously injured, unfortunately this is often not the case. Large trucks are involved in only a small percentage of traffic accidents, but these wrecks make up a disproportionate number of the serious injuries and fatalities that are reported every year. And it will come as no surprise that when people are injured or killed in a traffic collision involving a commercial truck, there is a high likelihood that the people who were killed or injured were in the smaller vehicle. Statistically, serious accidents with commercial vehicles will almost always occur during the daylight hours and in clear weather: not the kind of road conditions that most people would expect them to happen.


Injuries to the head, back, and spinal column are among the most serious injuries that happen to victims of a car accident. Spinal cord damage carries with it the risk of severe nerve damage and even paralysis, medical conditions which very often leave the people suffering from them with lifelong medical issues and extensive medical bills. The average yearly expenses of a person suffering from a spinal cord injury is from $230,000 to over $775,000; over an average lifetime that can total more than $3 million dollars. Financial costs such as thiscan be ruinous to the victims and their families if they do not receive financial compensation from the trucking company involved.

Complex Legal Claims

Vehicular accidents that resulted in major injuries like head trauma and paralysis are complex to litigate, and require the skill set of a legal team with experience in these matters. Insurance companies are usually willing to settle quickly for the damage to the vehicles in these cases, but will often fight with great persistence to avoid or limit their liability for the personal injury aspects of the claim. Expenses incurred by a paralyzed driver are both extensive and open ended, so insurance carriers representing trucking companies often try to get the victims to agree to settlements (and the accompanying release agreements) quickly before the full extent of the victim’s injuries are assessed and they have had a chance to objectively consider the long term costs and other ramifications of their injuries. And by accepting less money than they will actually require to compensate for their injuries, the victims can end up simply running out of money later in life, resulting in debts that they may never be able to afford to pay.

Indianapolis Auto Accident Experts

If you or somebody you love has been injured in an accident involving a large truck or other commercial vehicle, it is important that you seek help from an attorney that has experience with both litigating against the insurance companies and anticipating your future needs. Contact the Indianapolis auto accident legal team at Rowe & Hamilton Attorneys at Law today to discuss your situation and learn about your options.


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