Are Dental Injuries Covered in Accident Claims?

The whiplash effect that people experience during a car accident is usually known for injuring the neck, head, and face. However, serious injuries can also occur inside of the mouth, affecting the teeth, known as dental injuries. Most people do not realize that dental injuries can occur during a car accident until it happens. Even then, they may not be aware of a chip or cracked tooth until long after their other injuries have been tended to, as a dental injury tends to be less evident. Who is liable for your chipped, cracked, broken or lost tooth?

Get Medical and Dental Attention

Before you start worrying about who will pay for the cost of fixing your dental injury, be sure to get your injury medically evaluated. If you have other injuries, and you are seen by a doctor, mention the dental injury to the attending doctor. Then, follow up with a visit to your dentist to assess your dental issue. This will prevent the insurance company that you are dealing with from using the excuse the dental injury did not occur in the accident and denying your claim.

Dental Injuries

There are several problems people who experience dental injuries can run into. The first problem is the pain associated with dental injuries, which will only get worse over time. Another problem is that dental injuries may require two steps to completely restore the tooth. The first part of treatment for an injured tooth is dealing with the issue that is causing the pain. The second part is to restore the tooth to the way it appeared before the accident, which is often considered cosmetic surgery by insurance companies. To complicated things even more, many dental insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and now suffer from a dental injury, you may be entitled to compensation. A skilled car accident attorney in Indianapolis can help to recover damages for your dental bills, as well compensation for loss of earnings. At Rowe & Hamilton, we understand the financial losses and amount of pain that can accompany a dental injury after an auto accident.


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