Do Not Use Social Media to Discuss Your Car Accident

Car accidents are frequent in Indianapolis. They lead to property damages, injuries, and stress. Their victims often feel the need to vent on the social media. Any experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer will advise against that. If you have not contacted one yet, you should. Until you do, be careful what you post on the social networks. Even better, think twice before posting and monitor your friends’ tags and comments as well. You may not realize it, but your social media posts could actually harm your compensation claim. We will explain why and how in the following lines.

Why Any Car Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Advises Against Social Media Posts about the Accident

Car accident cases can reach huge amounts. As a result, insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid paying or diminish the amount. This includes monitoring their claimants’ social media accounts for anything they may use against them.

Many claimants make the mistake of sharing their accident news with their friends. Some think that complaining about the party at fault or exaggerating the consequences of the accident helps. Others play the brave and pretend they got away in one piece, even if they cry out in pain while writing.

There are also claimants who post photos and footage from the accident scene. Others, on the contrary, pretend that nothing happened and try to prove they have moved on with their life. Why is this wrong and how can it harm their case?

There is a huge difference between what people want to express and what others perceive. Moreover, even if a particular post would not harm the case, there is no telling how the author’s contacts will react. Therefore, think twice before updating your social media status. Better yet, close down your account until you obtain the compensation, if you are worried.

As any Indianapolis car accident lawyer may advise, insurers do not take jokes or irony as such. They interpret them in the most favorable way for their interests. They place your profile under the microscope and try to prove that you are reckless.

They’ll monitor your leisure activities to show that you feel better than you claim. They keep track of your check-ins to create the presumption that you drive after drinking. They look for comments or posts suggesting that you are a bad driver.

Do you find it difficult to understand how they may use your social media posts and activities against you? Perhaps the following examples may help.

Common Examples of Posts That May Harm Your Case

  • You post photos of yourself injured, to show what serious consequences the accident had. One of your friends comments that you exaggerated with your makeup again. The insurer can claim that you exaggerated your injuries on purpose. They may use your friend’s comment as proof. They may also argue that someone in pain would not be in a mood to take photos of themselves.
  • Your loved ones come to visit after the accident, and you post photos of the get-together. Perhaps you want to show your gratitude for their visit. The insurer can take those photos as a sign that, instead of treating injuries, you are actually partying.
  • You vent on the social media regarding the other driver’s negligence. One of your friends makes a joke about you being a terrible driver yourself in a comment. The insurer will use it to show that your war with the defendant is older and personal. They will also try to blame you for the accident.  Every fault percentage they attribute to you means less money for them to pay as compensation. If you already share fault for the accident, they may manage to increase your fault percentage over the 50% threshold. Under Indiana’s negligence laws, this will cost you your right to compensation.

The list could continue. However, the above examples should be enough to keep you away from your social media accounts. Do not risk further complications for your case. Instead, invest your time in finding a good car accident lawyer in Indianapolis. Let them help with your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Consult an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer about Your Social Media Posts and More!

At Rowe & Hamilton, we have handled numerous car accident cases. We know all insurers’ strategies and we are familiar with social media impact on cases. Our Indianapolis car accident lawyer can help you keep your social media activity in check. To find out more about our services and benefit from our advice, schedule a FREE consultation! All you need to do is call our office at 317-482-7888.

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