Drunk Driver Crashes into School Bus, Injuring Several Children

When we send our kids off in the morning, we should be able to assume they’ll get to school safely. We shouldn’t have to worry about their bus getting into an accident. Accidents do happen, however. Unfortunately, when these accidents happen, people get hurt. The idea of young students getting injured in a crash is not something any parent wants to entertain.

This is what happened earlier today on the East side of Indianapolis. A drunk driver crashed into a school bus. The Warren Township bus was traveling West on Interstate-70. There were seven kids on the bus at the time. The cops have confirmed that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Given the fact that it was only 10 a.m., this is quite disturbing.

36-year old Sarah Nuckols of Indianapolis was the driver of the car that hit the bus. She was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. Once she was treated, she was immediately placed under arrest for OWI. Her preliminary tests came back as well over the legal limit.

At first, the authorities didn’t think there were any children on the bus. However, they were wrong. Of the 7 kids on the bus, 2 were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. Their names have not been released. Another adult on the bus was taken to the hospital as well.

The investigation is still ongoing. However, the authorities have already arrested the woman for OWI so it’s safe to assume she was at fault.

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Source: https://fox59.com/2019/12/05/crash-involving-school-bus-closes-part-of-i-70-westbound-in-indys-east-side/

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