How to Get an Accident Report In Indianapolis

An accident report is a crucial bit of information about accidents. Car accidents are life-changing for the victims. They can result in physical injuries that can alter your life, leave you with no livelihood, and diminish your ability to earn money to support yourself and your family. 

You will need an Indianapolis car accident lawyer to look at your case and ensure that you file a personal injury lawsuit in time. A police report of the accident is actually crucial for your case. In this article, we will explore how you can get a hold of the official police report of your car accident and why it is important for your personal injury lawsuit. 

What Is a Car Accident Report? 

A car crash report is the official account of the accident that will be noted down by the responding officer if you are in an Indiana car accident. This will include the officer’s notes on the condition of the vehicles, a description of the scene, witness statements, and related details. 

In the end, the officer will decide, based on the evidence on hand, who is at fault for the accident.

How Can You Get A Car Accident Report in Indianapolis? 

There are several options through which you can obtain your car crash report. Let’s look at them in detail: 

Contact the Indiana State Police 

Let us warn you that this will be the most inconvenient option because you are allowed to get in touch with the Indiana State Police’s subcontractor in Greenwood, Indiana. You can get the report through this route but they mostly ask you to go through the option related below. 

Buy Crash 

ISP has endorsed a website and all police are available here for download for a small fee. You simply need to select Indiana when searching and use the number the police gave you to search for the report on this website. If you don’t have the number, you can use your name with the reporting agency or the date of the accident. Download your report from here and hand it over to your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to use against the at-fault driver. 

Let Your Lawyer Purchase The Report 

Your Indianapolis car accident lawyer can actually purchase the report for you. The lawyer will have access to it and can obtain it for you to provide you during your consultation. 

Ask Your Insurance Provider

Naturally, your insurance provider will want to access the report to proceed with their investigation. You can ask them if they would like to share it in this case. On the other hand, they may ask you for a report. In this case, you will have to get it through the above-listed ways. 

How Important Is a Car Accident Report for Your Case?

As we mentioned before, a car accident means loss of property and physical injuries that can directly or indirectly cause financial losses. As a victim of an accident, you have the right to claim compensation for your various losses. You will need an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to file your lawsuit against the at-fault party. 

While claiming compensation, you will need any details you can get on your side. A car accident report is a detailed account of the accident, including your injuries, property losses, witness statements, and the actual date and time of the accident. These details can prove invaluable when you are making a claim against a negligent driver. 

Here are some common injuries and losses that you can incur during a car accident that you should claim compensation for: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputation 
  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Depression and loss of sleep 
  • Temporary or permanent disability 
  • Paralysis 
  • Mental health issues

These are all valid losses and can leave you incapable of continuing a normal life. 

How Can an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer Help You? 

The time after a car accident is no less than traumatic for the victim. Victims should devote their time and attention to recovering from the trauma of physical injuries. This means hiring an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney like Rowe & Hamilton to negotiate with the insurance companies and the negligent drivers on your behalf. 

At Rowe & Hamilton, we put our clients and their needs first. We will carefully evaluate your case and suggest the best way forward for your personal injury claim. We have been operating in the Indianapolis area for over 32 years and have a very strong track record when it comes to helping victims of car accidents get maximum compensation for their losses in a car crash. 

Have you been in a car accident and looking for advice on how to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit. Call an Indianapolis car accident lawyer to discuss your claim today. 

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