Indianapolis Man Thought to Have Died from Car Crash Had Actually Been Shot

Last week, the police responded to a two-car crash on Interstate 70 in Indianapolis. When they got there, they found one of the accident victims, Devin Anderson. The 27-year old man was in his car, bleeding heavily from the head. He was not wearing his seatbelt. The man thought to have died from car crash had actually been shot.

It wasn’t until the police started their investigation that they realized something wasn’t adding up. Upon closer examination, the coroner determined that Anderson hadn’t died from a car accident at all. He had been shot in the head.

The accident had happened at 7:23 pm on September 21. The police on the scene had no reason to believe Anderson had died from anything other than the collision. Apparently, he had been shot by a man named Juan Vivas.

Vivas, a 24-year old man from Indianapolis, is believed to have shot into Anderson’s car while traveling on the Interstate. A handgun was found in Vivas’ possession. Of course, Vivas denies having shot the victim and claimed he hadn’t shot his gun in some time.

The investigation is ongoing and charges against Vivas are pending.

In a case like this, things can be very complicated. The family of the victim may not know where to turn. Based on preliminary findings, it appears that the Anderson family may have a wrongful death claim against the suspect, Juan Vivas.

Had the police not uncovered the fact that Anderson had been shot, there’s a good chance the family would’ve assumed Anderson died as a result of the accident. No information has been released about the second car involved in the crash. However, the passengers of that car may also have a claim against Vivas.

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