New lawsuit filed against Damar Services

INDIANAPOLIS — A Central Indiana organization charged with protecting the most vulnerable children is facing disturbing accusations.

Attorneys filed suit Tuesday against Damar Services, a company that provides residential and treatment services for the developmentally disabled including autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain disorders and emotional and psychological illnesses.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of “A.C.”, a then 15-year old developmentally disabled girl who was sexually assaulted while in the care of Damar Services.

“In my 31 years, this is one of the most egregious cases I’ve ever filed suit on,” said Tim Rowe, attorney for A.C.  “The victim had a history of abuse, foster homes, and eventually the courts said we’re going to trust Damar to take care of this lady, this young child.”

According to the suit, Wylok Stonebraker was an employee with Damar in 2012 when she was transporting A.C. in a Damar vehicle.

Stonebraker invited adult men to join her and encouraged them to engage in sexual misconduct with the developmentally disabled girl.

A.C. was raped by one of the men, Marcus Moorman while in the care of Damar Services, attorneys said.

“Kids can not consent to sex under Indiana law and a lot of these kids have behavioral issues, low IQs, so this wasn’t an issue of consent, this was an issue of rape,” said Rowe.

The lawsuit alleges it is Damar Services’ corporate policy for employees to not be alone with children in its charge.

Stonebraker also repeatedly engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct with and in the presence of A.C. as well as other minors, including voyeuristic activities, according to the suit.

“They didn’t do a background check, they didn’t monitor her, they didn’t train her,” said Rowe.  “They really violated the trust that the State of Indiana put in them to take care of her and help her.”

The lawsuit alleges Damar Services was negligent.

A similar lawsuit was filed earlier this year alleging Stonebraker molested a then 16 year old boy.

“There’s been a pattern at Damar that’s disturbing and I think these lawsuits bring out that something needs to be done,” said Rowe.

Both Stonebraker and Moorman were criminally charged, convicted and sentenced in Marion County.

Stonebraker is listed on Indiana’s Sex Offender registry , and she must register for life.

Rowe said Damar Services needs to be held accountable for failing to protect children.

“We have a victim who is going to need psychological counseling the rest of her life, that’s been emotionally abused,” said Rowe. “We feel a civil lawsuit will hold Damar responsible for what they’ve caused to this young woman’s life.”

Damar Services still provides residential services for the Indiana Department of Child Services, although the state did cancel one its home services contracts with Damar Services amid concerns about safety.

Call 6 Investigates Kara Kenney stopped by Damar Services seeking comment on the lawsuit filed Tuesday, and was told the organization would not be commenting.

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