One Person Dead In Multi-Vehicle Crash

One person was found dead in a multi-vehicle crash involving a Chevy Asto van, a Dodge Dart car, and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This accident was reported to the Howard County police on Friday, September 06, around 6:02 a.m. The police received information about the accident and dispatched deputies from the Howard County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the scene. The deputies were sent to the area of State Road 22 & 700 East for this purpose.

Thomas E. Davis, 39, of Fairmount, was pronounced dead on the spot by the coroner’s office. Davis was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and following directly behind a Dodge Dart driven by Ryan A. Fenstermaker, 38, of Gas City when this unfortunate incident occurred. The westbound Dodge Dart struck a Chevy Asto van driven by Everett W. Phipps, 57, of Kokomo. The van was driven eastbound on State Road 22 and crossed the center line when it hit the Dodge Dart head-on. The Dodge Dart spun 180 degrees and faced the opposite direction after colliding with the Chevy Asto van. Davis, on his Harley Davidson, was hit head-on by the Dodge dart after the car was facing the opposite direction as a result of colliding with the van.

Ryan and Everett – drivers of the Dodge Dart and Chevy Asto – were immediately taken to the Howard Regional Health Center and are currently in stable condition. Police investigated the accident and found that Everett was driving his Chevy Asto van while intoxicated. The investigation will be treated as an OWI due to this reason. Everett will be charged under DUI law and the charges are supposed to be forwarded to the Howard County Prosecutor, according to the police.

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