Why Paying Your Personal Injury Lawyer Should Not Be An Issue

Were involved in a serious wreck and are now dealing with the consequences of your injuries? You probably need help paying for medical bills and making up for lost wages – given the circumstances, you might not have enough to pay for a personal injury lawyer upfront.

So, what’s next – how do you proceed with your auto accident claim against the liable party?

There is, thankfully, a solution. The contingency fee system ensures that those who have been injured due to the negligence of another can still obtain the legal representation they require, even if they do not have the funds to cover the legal costs upfront.

If you have been in an auto accident and require legal representation, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer from Rowe & Hamilton today. Our skilled attorneys can help you by protecting your rights, investigating your case, and getting you the compensation you deserve.

We’ll go over why and how you should use a contingency agreement when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

What Is a Contingency Fee Arrangement?

A contingency fee arrangement is an agreement between the lawyer and the client whereby the lawyer will not be paid unless a settlement is reached. This means that your lawyer will work diligently to pursue your case and ensure you are adequately compensated for your losses without charging any upfront fees.

This not only ensures that the lawyer will always act in their best interests, but it also alleviates any stress or worries you may have about having to pay upfront fees to hire them.

Your lawyer will cover all of the costs associated with taking on your case, such as filing fees, research costs, and other necessary expenses until you receive a settlement. This means that you won’t have to worry about making payments out of pocket.

Common Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Handle on a Contingency Basis

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis when dealing with cases involving medical malpractice, car accidents, and other forms of personal injury. Most lawyers prefer this approach because it allows clients to pay for their services without breaking the bank.

The following are the most common types of cases that are covered by a contingency system.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice involves an injury caused by the negligence of healthcare professionals such as doctors or nurses and is one of the most common cases heard in personal injury courts.

Car Accidents

Victims of car crashes in Indiana can seek compensation for any losses from the liable party. Naturally, car crash victims need money to cover damage costs or medical bills incurred due to their injuries.

This means that they don’t have much to spare for legal fees and other costs associated with filing their personal injury claim. Thus a contingency fee arrangement works best here.

Workplace Injury

If you were injured at work, you might be able to file a claim under Indiana workplace injury laws. These claims typically necessitate the help of a personal injury lawyer knowledgeable about workplace safety regulations and how these laws can protect workers from harm.

With a contingency system, you don’t have to worry about paying for legal fees out of pocket if you’ve been injured. Your lawyer will take care of everything. When you win your settlement/compensation, you give them a percentage of the money.

Indianapolis auto accident lawyers use a contingency fee

Benefits of a Contingency Fee When Hiring an Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer

The contingency system makes it easier for people to pay their legal fees and ensure that they do not have to pay out of pocket to get the required representation.

You won’t have to pay any upfront costs or retainers with a contingency fee arrangement. Your attorney will instead be paid a percentage of any settlement or award you receive.

Because your lawyer is only paid if you win, they will be highly motivated to work hard on your behalf and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Also, you will not lose money if your case is unsuccessful. You pay your lawyer only if you win. The contingency fee system ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial means, has access to legal representation and the chance to seek justice for their injuries.

Fees Charged By an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

Contingency fees typically range from 33% to 40% of the amount recovered. For example, if you receive a settlement of $100,000 and your lawyer charges a contingency fee of 33%, your lawyer’s fee would be $33,000.

It’s important to discuss the contingency fee structure with your personal injury lawyer beforehand and to make sure that you fully understand the terms of the agreement before signing anything.

You should also inquire about any additional costs or expenses that may be associated with your case, such as court fees, expert witness fees, and filing fees.

What Will Your Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Here’s a quick overview of how an Indianapolis auto accident lawyer can help with your case.

  1. When your auto accident lawyer accepts your case, your lawyer will investigate the facts and details of the incident, interview witnesses, and gather evidence.
  2. Your lawyer will then gather documentation regarding your medical bills or other costs associated with the incident to calculate the type of settlement you may be eligible for.
  3. They will begin negotiations with the opposing party or their insurance company to reach a fair settlement that compensates you for your losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, etc.
  4. If this does not go well, they’ll take matters to court and try to get you fairly compensated there.

What Happens If You Lose Your Case?

Lawyers under the contingency system will not charge you anything unless they win your case. That means no out-of-pocket expenses and no risk for you. The contingency fee is calculated as a percentage of the total value of your settlement or award – if no money is awarded due to your case, the lawyer is not paid.

The lawyer’s fees are contingent on you winning your case/claim.

This system has been in place for quite some time, and in some cases, law firms can even (under some circumstances) provide additional resources, such as a cash advance, which allows you to cover legal expenses even before your case is resolved.

This not only makes it more affordable for clients, but it also relieves some of their financial burdens as they pursue justice with the assistance of their attorney.

Contact a Qualified Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer Now for Assistance!

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