How to Pinpoint Dangerous Driving Behavior in Others

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reports that drunk driving deaths have decreased more than half since the conception of MADD in 1980. Considering there are more motorists on the road today than there were back in 1980, the statistics are even better than they appear. Drunk or impaired drivers are not the only motorists on the road who cause car accidents, although the incidences of crashes are still dangerously high.

Most Car Accidents Are Preventable

With all of the different ways motorists can get sidetracked while driving, we all need to be more cognizant when we are behind the wheel. Motorcyclists should be attentive while riding to protect their bikes, and, more importantly, their heads and bodies, and to avoid preventable accidents. Similarly, vehicle drivers can learn how to pinpoint dangerous driving behaviors in other drivers to avoid potential life-threatening crashes.

Distracted Driving Crashes Are Preventable

Whether a driver is texting or chatting on their phone, interacting with their dog, or driving under the influence, the potential consequences are phenomenal and unthinkable. While most people think that they can change the station on their car radio or the point of destination on their GPS without taking their eyes off the road, the truth is that taking your eyes off the road for only two seconds could cause an accident. Even reading a billboard on the side of a highway could cause a driver to be distracted long enough to slam into the car in front of them or swerve out of their lane.

As Indianapolis car accident lawyers, it is frustrating to know that, regardless of how responsible or cautious a driver is on our streets, they have no control over other drivers and their actions or decisions. Just one negligent act of a driver can cause indefinite damage and trauma. For this reason, we want to share a few clues that will enlighten you with behaviors that are commonly associated with distracted drivers.

Signs a driver is not paying attention to the road:

  • Slowing down or stopping the vehicle for no reason;
  • Braking erratically or frequently;
  • Drifting, swerving, weaving;
  • Straddling lanes;
  • Making sudden or wide turns;
  • Driving remarkably slow; and
  • Seemingly delayed reactions.

If you notice a driver using their cell phone, in any capacity, while driving, you can bet that they are distracted. Drivers who are obviously attending to children in the backseat, whether talking to them or watching them in the rearview mirror, are distracted. A driver who is applying makeup or combing their hair while driving is also disregarding their responsibilities to other drivers.

If you see a motorist committing any of the above listed actions should remain as far away from that vehicle as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid every single distracted driver operating on the roads of Indiana. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, contact an Indianapolis Indiana car accident injury attorney to discuss your case. Distracted driving is neglectful driving, and the person who caused your injuries should be held accountable for the expenses you have incurred.

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