Why Would Your Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer Want to Settle Your Case?

If you’re involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to damages. It all depends on the facts of your case. What you should do is call and talk to an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash. They’ll do their best to negotiate a settlement of your claim. However, if need be, they’ll go to trial and fight to get you the damages you deserve.

It’s a Lot Cheaper to Settle Rather than Go to Trial

If you insist on going to trial, it can be rather expensive. You’ll have to spend money on expert witnesses and specialists. You may have to pay fees for court reports and depositions. This adds up. Rather than put out all of this money, it makes sense to try to negotiate a settlement instead.

If You Settle You Don’t Run the Risk of Losing in Court

One of the nice things about settling your car accident lawsuit is that you won’t have to go to court. This means you won’t have to worry about losing in court. If you lose, you walk away with nothing. Rather than take this risk, you should consider settling so you walk away with something rather than risk getting nothing. Your Indianapolis car accident lawyer understands this. They’ve been handling cases like yours for decades. They understand the risk of going to trial and try to settle their clients’ cases for this reason.

It Can Take Years to go to Trial

Even before COVID-19, the civil dockets in Indiana were full. Now that the courts were closed for several months, things are being delayed like never before. Even if you filed suit before the pandemic hit, it would’ve taken a year or longer to go before a judge at trial. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, nothing has changed. You could file suit today and not go to trial until well into 2022. Rather than have this happen, your Indianapolis car accident lawyer will try to settle your claim so there’s no need to go to court at all. 

Your Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer Wants What’s Best for You

At the end of the day, your Indianapolis car accident lawyer just wants what’s best for you. If this means they take your case to trial, so be it. However, it is rare that any attorney would feel this was best. Trials are expensive. It can take more than a year for your case to go before a judge. Rather than deal with this, let your attorney try to negotiate a fair settlement of your claim. They aren’t going to encourage you to accept a settlement for less than what you deserve. For example, they’re going to make sure your settlement at least covers your out-of-pocket expenses and medical bills. 

You May Be Found Partially at Fault

If your case goes to trial, a judge or jury is going to dissect all of the evidence. They’re going to want to see for themselves who was at fault. If they feel you were partially responsible for the crash, they’ll say so. Because Indiana follows the comparative fault rule, your damages will be reduced if you’re found to be partly at fault. For example, imagine that you sue the other driver for $300,000 in damages in a rear-end car crash. The court finds that you were 20% at fault for the crash because your brake lights weren’t working properly. The court will reduce your damages by 20%. So instead of being entitled to $300,000, you’ll only be entitled to damages of $240,000. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation with Our Office Today

If you were recently in a car accident, you may want to call and schedule your free consultation with our office. Sit down with an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer and let them review your case. Your attorney will be able to give you an idea of whether your case has merit. If they don’t feel you have a chance at recovering damages, they’ll let you know. The last thing they want to do is waste your time or their time. That’s why it’s important that you’re upfront and honest during this initial meeting. 

If you decide to move forward with your case, you can sign a retainer agreement with your Indianapolis car accident lawyer. They’ll let you know what to expect and will be honest with you with the possible outcomes. All you have to do is call and set up a date and time that works for you. If need be, you can always conduct your free consultation by zoom or over the phone. 

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