Snow Already Wreaking Havoc on Indianapolis Drivers

We’re in the middle of winter here in Indianapolis. This means we’re all dealing with lots of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Even for people who are used to driving in this kind of weather, it’s still rather treacherous. On any given night, there could be more than a handful of accidents. This was certainly the case this past month in Indianapolis.

Police responded to more than 77 separate crashes in the matter of a few hours on the roads in Indianapolis. The weather was so bad, they couldn’t get to one crash site before they were being called to another.

All told, there were 49 crashes that involved property damage and 19 accidents that involved personal injuries. In one crash, the driver lost control of his vehicle on a sleet-covered bridge and ended up driving off the bridge and landing in a pond. In another case, the police arrived at the scene to find a car flipped over. And, sadly, one person had gotten out of their car following one of these crashes and was hit by a car. Thankfully, her injuries were minor.

In this kind of weather, there are often chain-reaction type accidents. This was true for this ghastly night as well. What started out as a simple accident turned into a major pileup.

Even in the situations where there was only property damage, it can still be frustrating. If your car is destroyed by another vehicle, you may have a claim for damages. And, for the people who were injured in the crash, they most certainly will have a potential legal claim.

If you are hurt in any sort of bad weather accident, make sure you call our car accident lawyers right away.

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