Why Would Someone Leave the Scene of an Accident in Indianapolis?

None of us really know how we’d react if we get into a car accident. Even if you’ve been in a car crash before, that doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do if it happens again. It depends on the circumstances surrounding your accident. If you get into a crash and know for sure that the other party’s at fault, you’ll have no reason to leave the scene.

You’ll call the cops and wait for the police to come to the scene. You’ll want them to conduct an investigation. This way, they can help prove that the other driver was at fault.

If, however, you’re afraid that the accident was your fault, you may get scared. You may worry that the cops will issue you a ticket. Worse yet, you may fear that you’ll get arrested. It really depends on the situation.

While no car accident lawyer in Indianapolis would ever encourage a client to leave the scene of an accident, that doesn’t mean they don’t understand how it could happen. There are all sorts of reasons someone would leave the scene of a crash. Here, we discuss some of the more common reasons people flee the scene.

They Don’t Have Insurance

Indiana requires all drivers to carry car insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that all drivers actually have auto insurance. Some people simply can’t afford it. Or, they may not have a valid driver’s license so they see no point in carrying insurance. Regardless of the reason, if they get into an accident, they may panic.

If you’re caught driving without insurance in Indiana, you will get a ticket. Your car will probably also be impounded. If you get caught without insurance and get into an accident – the penalties are severe. People who drive without insurance may seriously injure or even kill someone in a crash. If this happens, you could actually face jail time in addition to numerous fines and penalties.

If someone doesn’t have insurance and get into a car accident, they get scared. They drive away because they’re afraid of the consequences. They’d rather deal with it later than face the cops at the accident scene.

They Have Active Warrants

Picture of woman calling the police after seeing the other drive leave the scene of the accident

If someone has active warrants and get pulled over, more than likely, they’ll go to jail. They know that, if they get into a car accident, the cops are going to come to the scene. When the cops ask the drivers for their license and insurance information, they will run your license. When they do this, any active warrants are going to show up.

If a cop learns that a driver has warrants, they’re going to take you to jail. Depending on what the warrant is for, you could spend quite some time in jail. Rather than face this, a driver takes off. They figure, by the time the cops track them down, they can get their warrant straightened out.

They’re Drunk or Under the Influence of Drugs

A lot of accidents in Indianapolis are caused by drunk driving. Or, someone is under the influence of illegal drugs and smashes into another car. They know that, when the cops come, they’re going to discover that they’re under the influence.

If you’re found to be DUI, you will be arrested and charged with the crime. The penalties for DUI are much higher for people who actually cause an accident. If someone is hurt or killed in the crash, you can expect to do jail time.

Rather than face these penalties, someone who is drunk or high will simply flee the scene. They’d rather face the charge of fleeing the scene of the accident than face a DUI. They know that, by the time the cops find them, the alcohol or drugs will be out of their system.

Contact a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

If you get into a car accident, you’re going to suffer some pretty serious injuries. If the person who hit you fled the scene, you need to contact an experienced car accident attorney in Indianapolis.

Your attorney can try to find the person who is responsible for your accident. They can also review your case and let you know if you have a valid claim. You need to call today and schedule your free initial consultation. You can sit down with an experienced attorney at Rowe and Hamilton who can answer any questions you may have. They can also deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

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