What Behavior in a Nursing Home Is Good Material for a Lawsuit?

Nursing homes should be the second home where our senior loved ones would spend the golden years of their lives. These places should be clean, safe, loving, and offer 24/7 help, care, and dedication. 

Nursing home abuse and neglect are, unfortunately, widespread things. More than one million senior American citizens (over the age of sixty-five) have experienced some form of nursing home abuse. The sad news is that these people also go through physical abuse and financial exploitation.  

No older adult should be treated that way; if the person decided to spend the rest of their life in a nursing home, they deserve a safe place, kind and helpful staff. They should never live in fear of physical or any other type of abuse.

Such things are every day, and if you know someone who is going through that horror, or if your loved one has experienced it, don’t hesitate to report the case in the police and contact an attorney. 

You and your loved ones have legal rights to seek justice and compensation if you have faced any of the below-mentioned problems. Contact one of our Indianapolis nursing home abuse lawyers today.

Reasons for a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home

Here are some of the reasons why you could file a lawsuit against a nursing home. It could be anything from a poor choice of employees to lack of safety.

Lack of sanitary conditions

It is not uncommon for seniors to be asked for help in the cleaning of the area where they live. These duties are supposed to be done by the nursing home staff, therefore the home fails to provide them. When the area is unsanitary, it turns into a dangerous place to live, which often leads to health issues, diseases, and injuries. 

No supervision

It is unacceptable for the residents to lack proper supervision. The most significant risk of this is that the seniors are left on their own; they could easily fall and injure themselves and get no adequate help. When the residents of a nursing home get constant and suitable supervision, they lead better lives, free of risk, and health issues.  

Negligent Hiring Practices

It is a known fact that nursing homes are often understaffed. Also, these facilities often have employees who don’t have the proper skills or education, or worse; they have a history of abusive or criminal behavior. This is a politics of poor hiring practices and can lead to exhausted, stressed, and impatient staff that does not do their job properly and puts the seniors at risk. The employees will not provide the proper care, might become violent, unwilling to work, or they won’t be able to take care of every person in the nursing home.  

Financial Exploitation

There are many cases where seniors who live in nursing homes are financially abused. These people might even know what they are asked to sign (cash checks, for example). But there are cases where they are coerced to sign documents without even understanding them. It is not uncommon when the staff is actually stealing things and money from the seniors. Often these crimes can go unnoticed because the older adults are not even aware that they have been robbed. 
The families of the senior who resides in the nursing home, must be more involved in their lives and check financial issues regularly before it is too late. 

Poor Medical Treatment

Nursing home professionals must meet a medical standard of care for any potential situations that might happen. For example, if a nursing home professional is unable to call an emergency or a physician, then they are not offering a suitable medical treatment. This is a reason good enough for the senior or their family to contact an attorney and file a lawsuit.

Since there are seniors who are scared of the staff (they are threatened somehow from their caregivers) or are not aware of what is going on (financial abuse), often it is challenging to prove liability in a nursing home. 

Call our immediately if you have a loved one staying in a nursing home, and you are noticing something odd. Your senior loved one may look malnourished, lost, lacks hygiene (the hygiene of the home is poor). Contact an attorney if you notice something suspicious about their finances, as well.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys will fight for your rights. We are here to defend the rights of your senior loved one till the very end.

Here at Rowe and Hamilton we offer you a free consultation. 

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