What Is the Average Settlement for Whiplash in an Indiana Car Accident?

Did you receive whiplash injuries in a car accident in Indianapolis, IN? Would you like to know how much money you can obtain from the defendant of your claim? The best way to find out is to have an Indianapolis car accident lawyer review your case.

They will check your medical records, the receipts for the expenses you incurred, and ask you questions. They may compare the amounts they obtain with those of similar cases they have handled. In the end, all you can hope to obtain is a rough estimate. The amount will definitely depend on the nature and severity of your whiplash injuries.

Brief Overview of Whiplash Injuries following a Car Accident in Indianapolis

Most whiplash injuries do not show symptoms immediately. This makes it difficult to assess their severity. Minor whiplash injuries often go undiagnosed. Without a clear diagnosis and treatment, obtaining compensation for them is impossible.

When whiplash results in soft tissue and cervical damage, it goes undetected for days. The symptoms often start with debilitating neck and back pain. In some cases, they signal torn ligaments, serious tissue damage, and more.

Some whiplash injuries heal fast, requiring only pain management medication. Others take weeks or months to heal and result in chronic pain. Treatment costs reach incredible amounts and justify high settlements. Anticipating settlements is impossible for any honest Indianapolis car accident attorney.

Why No Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Indianapolis Will Estimate Whiplash Settlements

Car accident claims cover more than just whiplash injuries. They may include property damage, lost income and earning capacity, and pain and suffering. The fact that two people receive the same diagnosis does not mean their injuries are identical. The diagnosis also fails to reflect how the injuries will impact their lives.

If you look up several whiplash injury cases, you will see that they settled for different amounts. Each body heals differently. Different doctors prescribe different treatments. People cope with pain and respond to treatment differently. Even when eliminating these variables, no one can guarantee a certain settlement amount. Other factors will still influence the outcome:

  • The available evidence
  • The skills and experience of the Indianapolis car accident lawyer investigating the case
  • The skills and experience of the insurance agent investigating the claim
  • The claims policy of the insurance company
  • The adjuster evaluating the claim and proposing the settlement
  • The claimant’s willingness to settle and available appeal options.

Therefore, you should not expect any Indianapolis car accident attorney to evaluate your injuries. Those who do it are probably lying, promising the moon and the sky to get a new client. A dedicated car accident lawyer will never throw numbers. Instead, they will advise their client on how to increase their chances of obtaining a convenient settlement.

How to Secure a Convenient Settlement for Whiplash Injuries in Indianapolis

If you suspect that you incurred whiplash injuries, you can increase your chances of settling conveniently by:

  • Seeking medical attention immediately after the accident. If you wait too long, the defendant may argue that your condition worsened due to your negligence.
  • Following doctor advice to the letter. Again, acting on your own may qualify as negligence.
  • Keeping all records of your injuries and corresponding treatment. Insurers compensate evidence, not stories.
  • Not signing any settlements or statements without discussing them with a car accident lawyer. Some insurers offer them on the spot and try to pressure potential claimants into signing.
  • Requesting a case review from an experienced lawyer. It is the best way to find out how strong your case is and how you can improve it.    
  • Working with the attorney to prepare and file the compensation claim in due time. When recovering from whiplash injuries, it helps to let someone else handle procedures and formalities.         

Discuss Your Whiplash Injuries with a Rowe & Hamilton Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

If you need more specific information regarding your whiplash car accident case, we are here for you. At Rowe & Hamilton, we have extensive experience obtaining compensation for whiplash injuries. We will gladly use that experience to your benefit, to answer your questions and defend your interests.

Use the online contact form or call 317-482-7888 and schedule a consultation. You will not pay for it, but it will help you acquire valuable information. You will receive the advice of an experienced and dedicated car accident attorney in Indianapolis! If you like what you hear, you can hire them to defend your rights.


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