What You Need to Know About Handling Hit-and-Run Accidents

A hit-and-run accident can be a real problem. When the other party who caused the accident flees the scene, the situation becomes complex. There’s no liable party to file a lawsuit against.

If you get involved in such an accident, you might panic and feel scared. But it’s important to stay calm and wait for the police.

Call the police and seek medical help, but also don’t forget to contact an Indianapolis car accident attorney. 

What’s a Hit-and-Run Accident?

When you get in an accident and one party feels the scene of the accident, it’s considered a hit-and-run. This can be done either by driving away or running away from the accident.

This way people want to avoid criminal charges, fines, driver license suspensions and prison time.

Even though if they get caught, the penalties they’ll face are harsh, people decide to escape the scene for these reasons as well: 

  • They have no insurance
  • They’re already violating the law
  • They’ve been drinking or taking drugs
  • They don’t own the vehicle they’re driving

In case the police find the liable driver, your case may even end in court. However, if they escaped the accident scene because they lacked insurance policy, no matter if the jury decides to award you with a reasonable settlement, you still won’t be able to collect the money.

What to Do in a Hit-and-Run

If you’re involved in a car accident, there are some basic steps to take when things settle. If the other driver escapes the scene, you don’t have to panic or run after them.

You should call the police, seek medical help for yourself and other passengers in your car (if any). 

  • Stay calm – You may get angry because the other driver escaped, but trying to stay calm is the smartest thing you can do. Stay collected and wait for the police. Try not to say any obscenity about the driver when the police arrive. Your anger is normal, but try to control it.
  • Stay at the scene – If the other driver fled the scene, you shouldn’t do the same, even if you may feel like driving after them to stop them. Stay at the scene and collect evidence; there may be witnesses who can help you and the police find the other driver. If you can move your car safely off the road. If there is anyone else involved in the crash, check if they need medical help. 
  • Remember the details – Try to remember as many details as you can; the model and color of the car, plate number, direction where they left. You might not be able to identify who hit you, but even small details can be a valuable clue for the police.  
  • Call the police – Call 911 and call the police to the scene, especially if someone is injured. 
  • Take photos – Take photos of your car, your injuries, weather, traffic signs, just anything you think will be of great use for the investigation.
  • Call your insurers – No matter the type of accident (not only hit-and-run) contact your insurers to see what you should do next. They will guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Will My Insurance Cover a Hit-and-Run?

In case the police aren’t able to find the liable driver, you’ll have to seek the claim from your insurance company.

Whether they will cover it, depends mainly on your policy. 

Contact an Attorney

These types of accidents may cause you many headaches. If you have big damage and severe injuries, you’ll have to pay for these expenses. Seeking a compensation claim from your insurance company may be a challenge if your policy doesn’t cover that.

No matter the type of the crash and the circumstances, your entire day, and even life can change from the outcome. 

Having a car accident attorney by your side will spare you from the confusing legal process, but also they will guide you in the process. 

In case you get a chance to file a lawsuit against the other party, the attorney will help you with that part as well. They’ll negotiate with the insurance company in case they offer you a low settlement.

Our team at Rowe & Hamilton is here to answer all your questions regarding your accident (no matter if it’s a hit-and-run or any type of accident).

Schedule your first consultation with our team and we’ll gladly stand by your side till the very end. 

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