Why Do Some People Avoid Auto Accident Attorneys?

Working with an Indiana auto accident attorney is usually the best course of action after an Indiana motor vehicle collision, however it occurred. Yet, there are plenty of people in this state, in this country, and throughout the whole world who would tell you otherwise. Why do some people choose to avoid working with an auto accident attorney, while others benefit immensely from choosing to have skilled legal representation after a car crash?

The answer to this question lies in the myths and misconceptions about attorneys in general, and auto accident attorneys, specifically. Those who are more informed about the legal system and the benefits of having an attorney on their side wouldn’t think of accepting a settlement or going to court without one. Yet, those who are misinformed about the legal processes and misled by the myths about attorneys might avoid them at all cost (literally).

The Most Common Misconceptions About Auto Accident Attorneys

There are so many myths and misconceptions about auto accident attorneys that it’s really no wonder that many people refuse to consider working with them when they need them most. For example, personal injury attorneys in general are often portrayed and perceived as ‘ambulance chasers,’ implying that they will jump at any opportunity to make money off of someone else’s misery and pain. Yet, this is not the reality of the situation.

The reason that you’ll find attorneys where you find misery and pain is because it is those who are experiencing that pain who are in greatest need of legal representation and support. Auto accident attorneys provide a necessary service to those who are living their worst moments, so that they don’t get taken advantage of by a system designed to minimize their suffering.

Far from being cynical opportunists who seek to profit from pain, auto accident lawyers are typically the most compassionate and understanding advocates for victims of devastating collisions, people who might otherwise be on their own in a tough world. Most don’t even charge their clients unless they are able to recover compensation for them.

It is also a common belief that an auto accident attorney will take so much of your insurance settlement that it’s really not worthwhile to hire one. The truth is that you will usually get more from that settlement with an attorney than you would without one. Even after your legal fees are paid, you end up with a far larger settlement for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering than you would have otherwise recovered.

Why Those Who Are Informed Are More Likely To Hire Attorneys

You might also believe that if you are well-informed and savvy enough, that you are less likely to need an auto accident attorney to fight your case. With the information and familiarity with the legal system, you might think that the more educated and experienced victims would be able to handle their claims on their own. The truth here is that those who know what they are doing are more likely to hire an attorney, because they recognize that having a skilled and experienced advocate on their side is the best way to recover the maximum value of their claim.

Those who understand the system (or are aware of how little they do understand) know that it is all too easy to be taken advantage of by the insurance company claims adjuster. They might have dealt with insurance claims in the past or know people who have. They have probably seen people suffering under tremendous debt after accepting a settlement that was far too low, without seeking the advice of an Indiana auto accident attorney.

It can be very difficult to fight your own case when you’re recovering from injuries and going up against a ruthless auto insurance company, especially when they make efforts to sound compassionate and understanding, hoping you’ll accept their low offer without thinking about it too much. In some cases, even lawyers will hire other lawyers to represent them in an auto accident claim, because it is too much to ask suffering victims to be their own advocate.

An Indiana auto accident attorney is one of the best resources available to those who are recovering from auto accident injuries and trying to recover fair compensation. In many cases, you won’t have any idea what a fair settlement really is until you’ve had your case evaluated by an attorney. It can be extremely challenging for anyone to predict the long-term impact of their injuries and losses. What seems like a fair settlement today could be a source of regret three years from now (or even three months from now), when you’re out of money, out of work, and unable to pay your medical expenses or living expenses.

Your lawyer will evaluate all of your damages and all of the evidence to get an idea of the expenses and losses that you are really going to face because of your auto accident. Then, your lawyer will fight to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of or left out in the cold, without any resources available to you, all because you didn’t realize what your losses were really worth.

Seek a Free Consultation From Rowe & Hamilton Attorneys at Law

One of the best reasons to seek the advice of an auto accident attorney after your motor vehicle collision is that you can get that advice for free. Your initial consultation with the auto accident lawyers at Rowe & Hamilton is always free of charge, and you are under no obligation to hire us if you don’t think that we will improve the outcome of your claim.

It is also important to note that when you seek that free consultation, you can count on the validity of the advice that you receive. Any skilled and experienced auto accident attorney that works on a contingency fee basis (as most do) knows that they have nothing to gain from a case that can’t be won. The contingency fee arrangement ensures that your attorney doesn’t get paid unless you receive compensation, and can only take a portion of your recovery. If we don’t think your claim is valid, or if we think that the value of that claim is not high enough to warrant the use of legal representation, we’ll tell you so; and we’ll offer advice on your options, all for free.

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