Do I Have to Report Even a Minor Car Accident in Indiana?

The State of Indianapolis has made it mandatory to report any car accident that involves the injury, death, or entrapment of a person or damage to property minus the vehicles involved in the crash. So, if none of these things are applicable to your accident, you don’t really have to report it. 

However, we would still advise you to report your accident, no matter how minor it may seem. Doing this will be favorable in case you decide to ask for compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. 

Hiring a good Indianapolis car accident lawyer will make your case for compensation even stronger as they will be able to guide you through the entire process. 

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Driver in Indianapolis After a Car Accident? 

The first and foremost responsibility you have is to own up to the accident. Stop immediately and never attempt to leave the scene. You should immediately pull over on the side and away from traffic and call 911 for assistance. Make sure you help the injured as well. 

Here are some other steps you can take: 

  • Gather and exchange information with anyone involved in the accident and the witnesses. Get their contact number, name, address, license plate numbers, and driver’s license numbers. 
  • If the accident involved property damage beyond the vehicles or totaling more than $1000 then you are obligated by law to contact the police. 

Most of the insurance companies out there also need you to report any accident that involves another driver or vehicle. If this isn’t the case and the accident is minor involving only a single vehicle then you can choose not to inform your insurance company. 

Be very careful in creating the report for your accident, whether it is for the police or the insurance company. Make sure you have the facts correct and straight and you aren’t making any speculations about the incident. Don’t ever admit to fault and also stay away from commenting on the condition or extent of your injuries. Leave that part to your medical examiner. 

This is why you need a car accident attorney in Indianapolis, so they can guide you through these things and the entire process of filing a personal injury claim. 

How Long Can You Take to Report Your Car Accident in Indianapolis? 

You have exactly 10 days from the date of your accident to report it. You must report it to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Even if you have made a settlement with the other driver for the compensation of the damages, you are legally obligated to report any accident that involves injury, death, or damage to property. 

What Happens If You Don’t Report an Accident? 

If you’ve been in an accident that involved injuries, death, or property damage and you failed to report it to the BMV within the 10-day limit, your license may be suspended. Your registration may also be canceled. You should also know that failing to report an accident is considered a Class C misdemeanor and may be penalized with a fine of up to $500 and 60 days in jail. 

There are other major side effects of not reporting an accident, the biggest one being the inability to claim compensation for your losses from your insurance or the other party’s insurance company. 

A police report is the official record of the accident and will make things easier for your Indianapolis car accident lawyer when they are filing a personal injury claim on your behalf. Without such a report, insurance companies can easily claim that you caused the injuries and damage yourself and are putting up a fraudulent claim. 

Let Rowe & Hamilton Help Your Case

Have you been in a car accident in Indianapolis? You need an experienced car accident attorney in Indianapolis to help you file a report for your accident and then claim compensation for your injuries and property damage. We at Rowe & Hamilton understand that a car accident can be traumatic and you may be busy recovering and forget that you have only 10 days to report your accident. 

This is why we have the most experienced car accident lawyers in the state to help you and guide you through your personal injury lawsuit. We take care of the legal process and the negotiations with the insurance companies so you can focus on your physical and mental health. 

We have over 32 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of car accidents and personal injury lawsuits in Indianapolis. Our Indianapolis car accident lawyer will understand your case and help you fight it. 

Need help with a car accident in Indianapolis? Call us now. 

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