What Happens If Someone Causes an Accident While Driving My Car?

Usually, when a car accident takes place in Indiana, either your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company covers the damages. But what happens when someone else is driving your car and they get into an accident? 

When it comes to establishing liability during a car accident that involves your vehicle, it is important to note that you may still be liable to some extent. 

If someone has been in an accident while driving your car, take help from an Indianapolis car accident lawyer immediately. 

When Will My Insurance Pay for Damages if Someone Else Was Driving the Car? 

In case the person who was driving your car at the time of the accident is already covered by your insurance or you gave them outright permission to drive your car, the damages in the accident may be covered by your insurance company. Let’s look at what that means: 

Permissive Driver 

It is important to note that auto insurance usually covers the vehicle, not the driver. So if you gave permission to a driver to drive your car and they were in an accident, your insurance will cover the damage costs. 

It is the same if you were driving the car. Your collision coverage will cover the damage to your car, and the liability coverage will pay for the damage done to the other person’s car and physical well-being. 

Let’s say your insurance can’t cover the costs fully. In this case, the permissive driver will have to engage their auto insurance provider or pay for the damage themselves. In any case, you need to engage an Indianapolis accident attorney as soon as your vehicle is in an accident. 

Someone On Your Policy 

Most auto insurance providers require all drivers in a household to be covered by the policy. This means that if someone who is already on your policy has an accident while driving your car, they will get the same coverage and benefits as you would in this situation. 

When Will Insurance Not Pay for Damages if Someone Else Is Driving Your Car? 

So what are some cases when your insurance will not pay for damages when someone else is driving your car? 

Non-Permissive Driver 

If a family or friend used your car without your permission and you can prove that they did. They will have to pay for the damages on their own. However, keep in mind that if the said person doesn’t have any insurance, you may still have to engage your own insurance provider to cover the costs. 

Excluded Driver 

In case you had explicitly excluded a driver from your insurance coverage, your insurance company will not pay for damages in a car accident. This may be someone that is a high-risk or underage driver that you have excluded from your policy altogether. 

Under Influence or Unlicensed Driver

Your auto insurance may not cover the cost of the damages if the driver was under influence of drinking, medication, or narcotics. The same situation applies if the driver didn’t have a license or had a suspended license. It is always a good idea to hire an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer to defend your case. 

Establish Liability: Another Party Could Be at Fault

Your friend or family member may have gotten into an accident while driving the car. But this doesn’t mean that they’re absolutely responsible for the car accident. It is important to go through the details of the car accident report. If the other driver is at fault, then they are also liable for paying damages. 

This is why it is important that you engage an Indianapolis accident attorney when your car is involved in an accident so they can build a robust case for your insurance claim. 

Let an Experienced Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer Help You 

It is a nerve-wracking process to deal with insurance companies when your car is in a crash. Insurance companies almost always try to get out of situations where they have to pay their clients. Having a trusted Indianapolis car accident lawyer from Rowe & Hamilton by your side will save you stress and legalities throughout the process. 

Rowe & Hamilton has over 32 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of cases in Indianapolis and we can help you get the best settlement from your insurance provider if someone else was driving your car and ended up having an accident. We understand that not being at fault yourself can make the process even more difficult for you.

Let our experienced Indianapolis accident attorney make the process seamless for you! 

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