The Problems with Accepting a Quick Settlement for an Auto Accident Claim

Auto accident settlements are not only stressful; they can also stretch to months or years without a clear conclusion. It is reasonable for some people to simply accept a quick settlement in the hopes that the recovered damages will compensate them enough. However, a quick car accident settlement in Indianapolis, Indiana, will not always guarantee fair compensation for your physical injuries, loss of wages and, most importantly, emotional pain.

An Indiana auto accident lawyer can help you determine whether the settlement is enough compensation for you or if you deserve more, considering the facts of your case.

Important Auto Accident Laws in Indianapolis, Indiana

An important law that governs car accident claims and settlements in the state of Indiana is the comparative negligence statute, which determines who among the parties involved is primarily at fault.

In order for you to be eligible for a car accident settlement, your contributory negligence should not be 51% or more. You will not be eligible for a car accident settlement if you are found to be the one primarily at fault, even if you have sustained life-threatening injuries as a result.

Moreover, the filing of an auto accident lawsuit should be done within two years from the date of the accident. This deadline applies to personal injury and property damage compensation. The courts are usually strict in this regard. Once the two-year deadline is up, the claim already faces high chances of denial.

Auto Accident Settlement Lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana
You don’t have to negotiate your auto accident settlement on your own. Let a lawyer from Rowe & Hamilton help you.

If you or any member of your family has been involved in a vehicular accident, establishing comparative negligence is important. Not all states follow this statute, but the state of Indiana particularly operates under this law. This makes your choice of a trusted auto accident attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana extremely important.

How Are Damages Calculated for a Car Accident Settlement in Indianapolis, Indiana?

The damages that you can recover from a settlement can be categorized into the economic and non-economic types of damages. Economic damages usually cover costs for car repairs, hospitalization, and loss of compensation due to absence from work. Non-economic damages, which can be more difficult to calculate, are losses associated with mental suffering and emotional agony.

How Will an Auto Accident Lawyer Help Me in My Quick Car Accident Settlement?

According to the NHTSA Traffic Safety Performance statistics, traffic fatalities in the state of Indiana have reached a total of 821 for the year 2016. This shows a considerable increase from the 717 fatalities recorded in 2015.

Nonetheless, not all traffic accidents in Indianapolis, Indiana result in deaths. Many more people who are in accidents suffer through life-altering injuries that require costly treatments and lifelong medications.This makes a quick settlement an attractive option. However, an early settlement can be minimally beneficial for most civilians, especially in the long-term.

In most cases, it is the insurance companies who stand to benefit the most from a quick car accident settlement. Concluding the matter at an early time will permit them to start working on other claims or they may resort to offering a fast settlement to avoid paying you more in case your condition requires additional medication and rehabilitation for your full recovery.

This is where you need the trusted advice and assistance of a car accident settlement lawyer. Your auto accident attorney can walk you through the pertinent car accident laws in Indianapolis, Indiana, specifically the comparative negligence rule that supervises all vehicular accident claims in the state.

In terms of quick settlements, your lawyer can also advise you on the benefits and demerits of an early car accident settlement, considering the severity of your injuries and your culpability (if any) in the accident.

And in the event that you are being offered unfair compensation, you can always have your lawyer negotiate on your behalf or file for a lawsuit against the other party. While this can be time-consuming, it also presents better chances at giving you the settlement compensation you really deserve.

Get the Most Out of Your Accident Claim in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hire a Car Accident Lawyer at Rowe & Hamilton

A car accident settlement will not always be simple. While a quick settlement sounds beneficial, it will not always result in the compensation value you deserve. This is why you need the trusted legal help of an attorney committed to your case, especially during one of the most stressful times in your life.

A committed Indiana car accident lawyer can work to ensure that your case is given a more favorable settlement outcome. Talk to us at Rowe & Hamilton for a free consultation. We can get started on your auto accident settlement claim in Indianapolis, Indiana as soon as possible.

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