Car Split in Two After Accident in Indianapolis

What can seem like a minor accident can end up destroying lives. When you hear about someone pulling out of their driveway, you never expect to find out that half a dozen people were sent to the hospital. And, you certainly don’t expect for them to have suffered serious injuries. But that’s what happened in Indianapolis this past week when a car was split in two after an accident.

A man driving a maroon Buick pulled out in front of another car at the intersection of 28th Street and N. Sherman in Indianapolis. According to witnesses the Buick cut off a red Chevy Impala. When the cars collided, the Buick was actually cut in half. People in both the front and back of the car suffered very serious injuries.

The Buick had 3 passengers in it at the time of the crash. The male in the back was ejected and suffered critical injuries. A female passenger was also rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and the man driving was taken to the hospital but was listed as being in good condition.

The three people in the Chevy Impala were all taken to the hospital but were all listed as in being good condition.

The crash is still under investigation. There has been no indication that the accident was the result of alcohol or drugs. However, one would imagine that, to cut a car in half, the Impala had to be going pretty fast. The Buick was an older car and they made cars pretty sturdy back then.

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